Vision Art Festival 2018

One of the major murals, located in the middle of town is a big tribute piece to Roger Moore who spent much time in Crans-Montana by Swiss artist Jasm1.


Also VAF4 introduced some ephemeral art with tapping artist Ygrek working  with colour tape and wool between 2380m and 2600m and Josh Everhorn painting on cellograph foil  displayed between trees on the slope.


On top of it this edition focused more on Graffiti with lots of writing and lettering. 


We also started a new collateral event: the Battle of styles, a style contest for young artists in 2 categories, lettering and illustration with one winner in each field.



Artists invited:

Abraham Osorio, Demes, Jasm1, Jo Vargas, Josh Everhorn, Julien Nonnon, Lora Zombie, Louis Masai, Mantra, Serval, Tom Bob, Boris Chiaradia, Spher