Vision Art Festival 2017

This edition was quite a challenge as many  walls were located on the mountains and the artists were at work above 1700 metres, hardly anyone in town, so logistically it was quite tricky. 


Leon Keer and Louis Masai for example had to walk most of the way up to their murals – 2400m – only accessible by foot in summer !


And then Astro and Lora Zombie at 2600m, the highest spot at present.


Luckily we did not lose or forget any artist high up on the summer pastures and the weather was perfect so every artist could enjoy it to the fullest !




Artists invited


Annina Roescheisen, Astro, Brokovich, David de la Mano, Jasm1, Koz dos, Leon Keer, Maja Huerst, Moneyless, Nicolas Bamert, Quintessenz, Rylsee, Tones Rock