After the success of Vision Art Festival, we decided in 2018 to create a collateral event that would give us the opportunity to discover young talents and for artists to present their work to another audience.

This was the birth of the “VAF BATTLE OF STYLES”, a style competition that takes place over an afternoon, on the fringe of the festival and presents 2 currents of Street Art: lettering and illustration.

The artists, living in Switzerland or neighboring regions, chosen on application, are allocated a similar surface and have one afternoon to create a work on a given theme. At the end of the day, the artists put down their brushes, rollers and spray cans and the jury will choose 2 winners, one in each category, who will be invited to be part of the VAF line-up the following year.

The Battle goes like this. Around mid-June we make a “call for entry” on instagram and facebook and call for artists, living in Switzerland or in the surrounding areas to submit their portfolio, choosing their category, either lettering or illustration.

At the end of the given time, a maximum of 16 artists will be selected to participate on the selected date.

They will paint from 1pm to 6.30pm on a given theme. After which the jury will choose 2 winners, one for each category.

Both winners will be invited to be part of the line-up of the Vision Art Festival the following year and will spend a week on site painting their given mural.


All necessary materials, such as paint, spray cans, protection, tape, …. are provided. We also provide drinks (no plastic) and sandwiches.

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