Originally from Santa Ana, El Salvador, Abraham studied at the Centro Nacional de Artes.


Having started as a graffiti artist, Abraham shifted his focus to street art murals.


His portraits of the elderly represent the essence of the human soul, the dialogue of the moment and the ability to visualize life without limits. His murals arise from the diaspora of the inner self.


This mural is at midstation at 1900m, overlooking the valley and depicting an old man on one side on a darker background while the right part sends the viewer to South America with bright colours and tropical birds.







SCARS OF LIFE, 2018-2023,
Merbé [Alt. 1933m]

photo: Instagrafite, East End Yovth



MONK’IS, 2018,
Monk’is Bar [Alt. 1933m]
Location: maps

photo: East End Yovth / Instagrafite