2nd Pedalo Grand Prix 2023

In 2022, we’ve launched a new event on Lake Grenon to give something back to others, but in the VAF way – by having fun. The NGO Viva con agua is the best partner for this. To help VIVA with its water project in South Africa, we decided to create a pedal boat race, a fun charity event for water on water. All registration fees go directly to Viva con Agua.

To make the event even more fun, we’ve planned a special course and a special prize for the best-dressed team.

We’re looking forward to the second race.

Date 13/08/2023

50 chf per boat in aid of Viva con Agua

Special prize for the best-dressed team

Inscriptions: info@same-group.com

Battle of Styles 2023 | 50 years of Hip Hop

The 2023 “Battle of Styles” or style competition for young artists will be held on 29 July in the Chetzeron car park for the 5th time. 

16 emerging artists, selected by dossier and living in Switzerland or neighbouring regions, will compete in 2 categories, illustration and lettering, on a special theme: 

50 years of hip hop  ,be selected for VAF10, the anniversary date of Vision Art Festival, 

Special guest DJ Skills 

Where: Chetzeron Crans Cry d’Er car park , route des téléphériques Crans-Montana

When: 1pm to 7pm

Prizes: 1st prize invitation to VAF10

for artists’ participation: gregory@visionartfestival.com


We’re always trying to create experiences for visitors and they can be either artistic or something else with just a touch of art.

One of our ideas was to use the existing pedal boats to create a beautiful, new and fun experience, fondue on the lake by pedal boat. With the help of some master woodworkers and artists, we created the perfect table for our pedalos and voila, a floating restaurant powered by leg power.

And every year from July to the end of August, weather permitting, our floating fondue table on the lake can be booked for you, your family and friends. Enjoy the sunset over a mountain lake with one of the best fondues in the world!

Price per boat 200 chf 

2 people 140 chf

included : fondue, starter, bottle of wine, bottle of water, digestif, table, cutlery, cushions, led light, plates, 

Dates 15/07-28/08 Thursday-Saturday

book at the tourist office: www.cransmontana.ch

for groups minimum 2 boats daily on request

SWISS MASTER | 22.6.2023

This Vision Art Festival exhibition brings together the first and second generations of Swiss graffiti artists. Up to 14 artists such as Naegeli, Tones one, Reyism, Serval, Demes, Ckesa, Seyo, Crbz and Onetruth will be showing how they were influenced or were influenced by each other, and how they influenced future generations.

Hotel Crans Ambassador
opens on 22/06/2023 -16/09/2023

Extra Links

 Sonic (BE), Crbz (VD), Toast (BE), Seyo (BE), Onetruth (ZH), Serval (GE), Demes (VS), KEZA (VS);



Free screenings at Place d’Ycoor
Films in original version with subtitles
Bar and snacks open from 5 p.m.

Every Friday wine and jazz before the movie


TH 20/07/2023 : 20h30

FR 21/07/2023 : 21h00
Bohemian Rhapsody

SA 22/07/2023
E.T. : 18h
Top Gun 2 : 20h30

TH 27/07/2023
Midnight in Paris : 20h30

FR 28/07/2023
A star is born : 21h00

SA 29/07/2023
Minions : 18h
The Grand Budapest Hotel : 20h30


TH 3/08/2023
The Transporter : 20h30

FR 4/08/2023
Tambour battant : 21h00

SA 5/08/2023
cars : 18h
Le Mans 66 : 20h30

TH 10/08/2023
Spider-Man – Across the Spider-Verse : 20h30

FR 11/08/2023
Mamma Mia : 21h00

SA 12/08/2023
Sing : 18h
John Wick : 20h30


Each year the theme chosen for the battle is different. This time it’s the rainbow and its colours, the gradation of red, from yellow to green to blue, even purple, in fact as many colours as the eye can see!

A symbol of hope, the rainbow is a projection into the future, it is beautiful and fascinating to watch. Its ephemeral nature makes it even more fascinating.



Tami Hopf, famous Vevey based painter, illustrator and tattoo artist came back to Crans-Montana after her VAF participation for a unique event. Tattoo island, during two days tattoo fanatics could come to Crans, come by pedalo to VAF island and get an original and very sought after Tami Hopf tattoo. What better to get an open air tattoo by one of Switzerland’s best tattoo artist on a private island.

Geneva based Kevin Masson and Le boeuf did a second weekend after to go on with the successful Tattoo Island.


To create another exceptional and transcending event VAF turned to Alexandre Ghandour. The pitch dinner on an island.

Alex hence created a dinner experience that started on the pedalo that brought the guests to the island.

The menu was then served on a table that was half eatable and half decoration, only to end the dinner with a traditional lebanese dessert only reserved to elite guests, to make it even more spectacular he had to fish the dessert from the lake. All in all an night to remember or as he named it Poisson party


Since the Panorama restaurant closed and the new project was not approved yet, the building seemed more like a ruin.

Thanks to the help of later architect Jean-Pierre Emery Los Bitchos were commissioned to repaint the building. It was decided the building would get a Marlow Moss touch to it.


Branded arts organized the Maya Angelou high school art festival with a huge number of internationally acclaimed artists, as part of an ongoing collaboration between Branded Arts and VAF, Branded Arts decided to invite JASM1 as the swiss representative for that project. On his first LA stint JASM1 decided to use portraits taken by JR to give some students the chance to give life to Maya Angelou’s famous sentence – Still we rise.

Branded Arts a organisé le Maya Angelou high school art festival avec un grand nombre d’artistes de renommée internationale, dans le cadre d’une collaboration continue entre Branded Arts et VAF, Branded Arts a décidé d’inviter JASM1 comme représentant suisse pour ce projet. Pour son premier passage à Los Angeles, JASM1 a décidé d’utiliser des portraits pris par JR pour donner à certains étudiants la chance de donner vie à la célèbre phrase de Maya Angelou – Still we rise.


Every year the Crans-sur-Sierre golf club host the Omega European Masters, one of Europe’s premier golf tournaments. They charged VAF to create an evolving art piece in relation to the ongoing tournament. The piece was painted on the entrance of the food/shop village and covered 30 m of length, a big challenge to paint in 4 days. Geneva based artist Tones One and Lausanne artist Jasm one each painted one edition, until Covid changed the tournaments set up.


Founded in 2016, The Solar Panel Art Series aligns science and art. With every edition we work with artists and local partners to create a platform where climate action, renewable energy social justice & artistic creativity meet. SPAS up-cycles used solar panels, bound for landfills, by inviting artists from across the globe to use them as their medium to imagine a future for our planet that we can’t yet fathom — one where all people share the power of the sun.

Artworks are subsequently sold, with proceeds shared equally among artists, projects, and Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun Foundation “Solar Kids School Program”. We believe in the power of art creating positive impact and promoting social awareness & change, highlighting the potential where art, technology and nature can co-exist.

In 2017 Vision Art and Solar Panel art series collaborated and held an exhibition in the prestigious Crans-Ambassador hotel. Several pieces from Vincent Edmond Louis, Jasm1, Spher, Boris Chiarada, Kespo, Jo Vargas and Pierre Zufferey were especially created for that exhibition.


After having hosted more than 50 artists and 5 yeras of hard work to develop an open air museum it was time to put everthing on paper.

During two month Jo Vargas and Vincent Edmond Louis put all they had, to create a book more than worth of the masterpieces the artists created while being here in Crans-Montana. If you want to have the best recap possible of what has been done so far, you have no choice but pass by our e-shop and order the book.



The success of our school project led us to one conclusion, we need to do more in order to stimulate the creativity of our local kids, the result was the Vision Art Camp.

For that we decided that we had to collaborate with the most important art institution we have, the Opale Foundation, world leaders in aboriginal art and its influences on other art forms.

Luckily enough for us they where game to host the camp kids for two days, so the kids got inspired in the museum looking at the exhibition and then started their own journey in the midst of great artworks.

After the first days it was time to apply the new skills on a wall, Cma was ok to lend us a wall in their parking so the students expressed themselves during three days under the supervision of Rosalind Monks and CRBZ.  The Tschuppi foundation was also a big help to realize this project and helped with funding. Go and check out the result in the Crans parking level 3.

Read more


The Pink Circle tries to offer its members insights and behind the scenes experiences. So when Phillipe Baudelocque came back for a new project, he gave a little conference infront of his monumental wall piece at the Barzettes. The little conference on how he realized his work was followed by an Apero.


1er Pédalo Grand Prix Crans-Montana

This year we started a new event on the Lake Grenon in order to give a bit back to others, but in the VAF way- having fun. The Viva con agua NGO is the best partner for that. So in order to help VIVA with there South African water project we decided to create a Pedalo Race, a charity event for water on water. All entry fees go directly to Viva con Agua.

To make the event even funnier we have a special course and a special prize for the best dressed team.

We can’t wait for the 2nd race


We always try to also create experiences for people, and they can either be arty or something else with just a little twist of art.

One of our ideas was to use the existing pedalos to create a nice fondue on the lake experience. With the help of some master wood craftsman we created the perfect table setting for our pedalos and there it was – a floating restaurant- operated by leg power.

And every year again from July to end of August, if the weather is good our Fondue on the lake restaurant is open for you and your family and friends. Enjoy the sunset on a mountain lake with one of the best fondues around.


The festival was always conceived as an open air museum, that you could visit by bike, foot and ski. So we created big paintings around town and the slopes.

Together with Organics by Red Bull we wanted to take that concept further. So we decided to create the equivalent of a real museum. On our wall paintings the frame is nature, but in the garage of Crans/cry d’er we decided to put up real frames. Golden stuck ones with artworks inside and a little etiquette to describe the work and show where the depicted small artwork is in real life in Crans-Montana.

So if you want to visit the Visionics gallery go to the Crans/Cry d’Er parking and wander around the staircase.


During two years VAF had the opportunity LOS BITCHOS had the chance to transform the island of the Lake Grenon into a little intimate bar.

The first year the island was transformed into a hommage to Christo wrapped into a pink cloth.

The second the whole lake became an hommage to the wonderful world of Wes Anderson movies.

Every one of his movies had a little hint, from the Tennenbaums tennis court to the giant floating Wes.

In collaboration with Organics by Red Bull the bar served a specific cocktail for every movie. 


In 2021 the biggest event in our state, the Foire du Valais, with more than 230’000 visitors gave us the opportunity to design an area in the fair and also host some live paintings.

We created a 5m tall 3d rotating mouth. Tones One, Reyism, Crbz, Cedric Mabillard and Kespo had some live performances during the 2 week event. Last but not least Los Bitchos created a giant interactive sticker art piece. 

Battles of Styles, Illustration + Lettrage 2020

The VAF Battle of Styles is a style competition in 2 categories – Illustration and Lettering – for young artists.

Le VAF Battle of Styles est une competition de style en 2 catégories – Illustration et Lettrage – pour jeunes artistes.

Many prizes and a guaranteed spot for the Vision Art Festival 2021 edition for the winners of each category !

Parking Chetseron / Departure cable car Crans Cry d’Er / CRANS – MONTANA
Selected artists will be allocated an equal space on the walls inside the parking lot.
Food and beverages provided.

At the end of the day a jury will select one winner in each category.


Since the second year VAF has decided to host an arty golf tournament, especially designed to thank our sponsors/partners and other friends of the festival.

The tournament is hosted  on the Jack Nicklaus course and is a scramble of 2. The golf club of Crans-sur-Sierre has been an exceptional host and after the tournament we have a big raclette for everybody on the Monkies terrace


In 1918 Swiss artist ferdinand Hodler painted a series of paintings depicting the mountain landscape he could see from Crans-Montana. The series was later called Lacs de Montana.

A hundred years later with swiss artist Jasm1 we analyzed the paintings and tried to guess where he stood when painting these masterworks.

Our decision fell on a prairie that is nowadays a mountain pasture for the local Herens cows. So between the cows and sleeping in a transformed container during a weekend Jasm 1 recreated these masterpieces as big Instagram selfies, with several references to the artist included.