Vision Art Festival 2022

Starting in the spring, we put up a huge project with the schools of Crans-Montana: “ VAF retour à l’école” (VAF back to School), where 7 artists worked  with more than 800 children to paint big murals after 2 weeks of workshops.


In addition the artists painted their own mural in dialogue with the ones  created with the school children the weeks before. Exciting, amazing, lots of work but so much fun! 


During summer the 5th battle took place in the parking Chetzeron – now displaying art over 4 levels and nearly 100 murals. 


Other live events went on to keep the art spirit going as well as the walls by our 2021 battle winners. All in all 17 new murals !



Artists invited:

Broke Hand, Crbz, Fleur Blume, Fusion GGG, Guillen, Kesa, Nicolas Bamert, Philippe Baudelocque, Rosalind Monks, Tones One