Vision Art Festival 2021

2021 was a fun edition as many artists had been quite inactive the year before and were so excited to work, some painted several walls, so happy to be out there again! It was fun also for us to discover some unexpected little bombing here and there ! Also a spontaneous collaboration between Philipp Frank and Sonic.



We had incredible light projections in the mountain with Philipp Frank and Giancarlo Bravo and again we transformed the little island in an art installation, a tribute to Wes Anderson. 



The parking lot Chetzeron hosted the 4th battle of style and saw the creation of Visionics gallery in the staircase, an unusual permanent exhibition mixing street art and baroc.



Artists invited:

Adrien Quan, Ampparito, Bondtruluv, Gian Carlos Bravo, Guillen, Los Bitchos, Murmure, Philip Frank, One Truth, Rosalind Monks, Sonic, Space shots, Stillonoir, Tami Hopf