Located in Bellalui, at an altitude of 2600m, it is a spectacular place, overlooking the Rhône valley, with all the difficulties of summer access and a fairly unpredictable climate.

It’s also one of the highest murals in Europe.

For 4 days, the artists wandered around the mountain, each picking up what they found on the ground, dry plants, branches, pine or larch cones, stones, wood, etc. ….

The selected objects were carefully arranged and painted on the different sides of the building, like a herbarium in a natural history museum, taken from a scientist’s notebook.

3 days of painting, braving sun, wind, rain and even snow in the middle of summer!



Bellalui [Alt. 2600m],

Location: maps
Photo: Alex Prod, Luciano, Luciano Miglionico, VAF



A highly regarded artist in the street art scene, Mantra is a self-taught artist who stands out for his incredible speed of execution and his gigantic works of breathtaking reality and poetry, created freehand.

His monumental murals of insects or animals are often surrounded by a dark frame, suggesting a gigantic painting or a huge butterfly box hanging on the wall of the house.

Mantra’s amazing technique allows him to repeat the same motif while changing the scale.

Urban figurative artist, his monumental paintings express poetry and lyricism.

In every mural Mantra invests research and a very structured way of proceding.





Born in Spain in 1989, driven by the desire to confront a collective dimension, exploring the complex relationship between art and the “public”, from 2007 his works are born from the dialogue between the context he is confronted with and the encounter with memories of places and people: the context creates the work, which changes (with) the space.

Experimentation, the basis of his research, focused on extending the resources of disciplines, media (glass, paper, etc.) and multiple aesthetics, the heart of his poetry is the search for the sacred and the subtle nature of the human psyche.

Winner of the Arte Laguna prize in the “Land Art and Urban Art” section in 2018 thanks to the work “Cenere” (Selci IT, 2017), he exhibits in Rome, Madrid, Paris, London and Marseille.

His studies also explore painting through innovative analogical processes, where the results of the experience can be seen through innovative analogical processes, where the interaction of sound, light and video synthesized on glass, is the scene of dynamic paintings.