Hailing from Japan, artist and painter Hiroyasu Tsuri, aka TWOONE, was born in Yokohama.


He developed an interest in drawing and crafting at an early age through skateboard graphics and graffiti.


In 2004 he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he joined underground street art scene, quickly gaining prominence as one of Australia’s finest street artists. As language was at first an obstacle his art became his primary mean of expression.


After graduating from Visual Arts New Media at Swinburne University, Melbourne in 2006, TWOONE started exhibiting his paintings in galleries across the world, but mural painting remained a big part of his prolific output, and he continues leaving captivating public artworks in every city he visits.


He is widely known for his magnetizing depictions of hybrid, animal headed and human bodied creatures.


The mural for VAF is inspired from the japanese culture, a huge rider on a white horse.


Hiroyasu has been shown in numerous group exhibitions and commissioned many mural paintings.





Parking Aminona [Alt. 1500m],
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Photo: V.A.F.