Swiss artist duo QueenKong with Marco and Vero Schmid, coms from Lucerne, Switzerland.


It was in 2006 that the two artists met and fell in love. A romantic story found its beginning. After a three-year relationship, the two decided to quit their jobs and go on a creative world tour. Thanks to “5 Pointz” it was possible to paint legally and undisturbed in New York. The first joint work was created, QueenKong was born. Already in the first painting, the crown and the mask played their roles.


A collaboration developed that was allowed to deepen over the years in peace and serenity. Two years later, back in Switzerland, the two wanted to continue in exactly the same way. After a short period of employment, they ventured into self-employment in 2015. Since then, they have painted walls and had exhibitions at home and abroad. It is love that keeps them together. Not only for their work, but also in their private lives. In 2018, they welcomed their daughter Marla Amber Schmid.


Staying positive in their visual language is a goal of the artist duo. It is the beauties of the world that they share with their work. Small moments that fill the heart with joy and love. A second captured in a mural.


The double mural painted in Crans-Montana in the arrival tunnel for skiers and snowboarders is a message of peace, love and hope, brought to the viewers by masked doves apparently somehow mistreated by their long journeys around the world conveying their message but they gather new energy through the big red heart at the centre of one of the mural. On the other side a huge egg, nestled on old bones is about to hatch, a symbol of new life therefore hope.









FEED ME, 2020

Signal Télécabine [Alt. 1560m]

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photo: VAF & Delia Zufferey